9 May 2006

Former Nauru justice minister named in passport scam report

3:25 pm on 9 May 2006

A Nauru parliamentary report has named former justice minister Russell Kun as part of a scheme which illegally sold Nauru passports.

A statement released by the government today says the findings are in a report by a parliamentary select committee.

It named previous MPs and other high government functionaries as being involved in the scheme.

The statement did not name the MPs involved, and Australian-based Nauru government spokeswoman Helen Bogdan refused to name the MPs involved.

But sources who had seen the full report told the news agency AAP it named Mr Kun.

The Nauru government began selling citizenship in 1997 as a source of income.

In 2000, Nauru's audit director discovered some passports were missing and there were discrepancies relating to passport fees in the nation's treasury.