1 May 2006

Fiji's military conducting live fire exercise as part of election readiness

8:22 pm on 1 May 2006

Fiji's military is to begin exercises using live ammunition and explosives in readiness to put down any insurrection instigated by politicians during and after the general election.

Radio Legend reports that the exercises will begin from tonight in Nausori, Sawani, Waila and Colo-i-suva, all areas just to the north of the capital, and last till May the 3rd.

They will involve troops of the 3rd Battalion Fiji Infantry Regiment, the same soldiers who put down the November 2000 mutiny.

A military spokesman, Captain Neumi Leweni, says they are taking a pro-active role in providing security following comments about instability by certain politicians.

He says they want to send a clear message to those making such comments which could be termed as inciting that the military will be ready to meet them head on.

Captain Leweni says the military is not trying to intimidate anyone but only wants to reassure people about their security.