1 May 2006

Samoa government to appoint Commission to review Electoral Act

6:23 am on 1 May 2006

The newly elected government in Samoa plans to appoint a Commission of Inquiry to review the Electoral Act and its amendments.

The Prime Minister, Tuilaepa Sa'ilele, says he is considering making changes to avoid irregularities arising from future elections.

Tuilaepa says that double voting was found in a number of polling booths despite the introduction of the new system, where voter's photos and fingerprints were recorded on computer.

A special ink was also used to mark those who had cast their votes.

But he says that this did not avoid the problem which had also occurred in previous elections when identification cards have been used.

The Prime Minister has suggested closing all special polling booths in Apia for constituencies in the rural areas.

He said most double voting occurred at these stations.

The Prime Minister says people from those constituencies must cast their votes in the future in their respective districts.

Meanwhile, unlawful campaigns before and during the election will also be looked at by the Commission of Inquiry