27 Apr 2006

Papua New Guinea's Angau hospital short of funds and rotting away

11:45 am on 27 April 2006

The board of the second largest hospital in Papua New Guinea says the instiution is in desperate need of funding if it is to remain feasible as a hospital.

Doctors at Angau Memorial say at the current rate of neglect the hospital may be forced to close in less than two years.

The board spokesman, Dr Graham Atkins, says the hospital has a severe case of termites which is destroying the timber buildings.

Dr Atkins says the hospital is also significantly underfunded.

He says Angau Memorial needs urgent attention.

"A combination of declining funds and a severe attack on the hospital by termites. The hospital is gradually being eaten by termites. It is fairly desperate. There seems to be a government policy to decrease funding which of course makes it difficult for the boards to maintain patient care."