21 Apr 2006

Defeated Samoan MP wants vote recount

1:09 pm on 21 April 2006

A former MP and Cabinet Minister in Samoa has filed an appilication in the District Court, asking for a third recount of votes for his constituency of Faleata West.

The former Minister of Police was defeated in last month's general election.

Autagavaia Tipi Autagavaia reports.

"Ulu Vaomalo Ulu Kini who is a prominent orator in his traditional district of Faleata, held the seat in the recent 5 year parliamentary term. The final count that has been declared by the Head of State, shows that the former Member of parliament for Faleata West had 630 votes. The successful candidate had won 795 votes. Chief executive of the Ministry of Justice and Courts administration, Masinalupe Tusipa says, that any parliamentary election candidate can file a motion to the District court for a third count if not satisfied with the result. A court official says that senior District court Judge, Vui Clarence Nelson, will decide on when the recount in court, will be held."