25 Mar 2006

Papua New Guinea vet says no bird flu in Papua

10:34 am on 25 March 2006

The Papua New Guinea chief veterinary officer at the National Agriculture Quarantine Inspection Authority, Dr Ilaga Puana, says bird flu was not discovered in Papua.

This comes after the PNG Post Courier newspaper reported that is was discovered in the neighbouring province.

The newspaper reported that a PNG national quarantine inspection authority officer based in the Kiunga province, Kaiki Namalu, said officials placed a ban on the movement of bird and poultry to and from the West Sepik and Western provinces.

But Dr Puana rejects this.

"It was the hog cholera, I repeat, the classical swine fever in West Papua, and not bird flue and I think it was misreported by the paper."

Dr Ilaga Puana.