23 Mar 2006

Former senior Fiji Labour MP says the party has no future, that's why he's now with the SDL

8:30 pm on 23 March 2006

One of the founders of the Fiji Labour Party says he's re-entering politics on the opposite side because there's no future for Labour.

Dr Tupeni Baba claims he was head-hunted by the ruling SDL party to stand as a candidate in the general election after returning from New Zealand, where he was a research fellow at Auckland University.

The selection of the former deputy prime minister in the pre-coup Labour coalition government is being questioned within the SDL.

But he says he's switched allegiance because Labour's politics are too negative.

"When I look at the alternatives, there's only the SDL, because it was willing to listen, it was beginning to get people on side from all the various races. Whereas Mahen Chaudhry was continuing with politics of negativity, which will not take this country forward."

Dr Baba had fallen out with Mr Chaudhry after the coup and formed the New Labour Unity Party, which lost the 2001 general election.