22 Mar 2006

Hawaii Family Forum opposes abortion law change

4:08 pm on 22 March 2006

An advocate for women is opposing a bill to amend the abortion law in Hawaii.

The state attorney general has said some provisions in the abortion law, which was passed in 1970, have become unconstitutional.

The House Bill 1242 will drop a 90-day residency requirement, and allow for abortions to be performed in places other than a hospital.

Kelly Rosati is the executive director for the Hawaii Family Forum and public spokesperson for the Hawaii Catholic Conference.

She says both groups oppose the bill, that was approved yesterday without changes, by the Senate Health Committee.

"The problem with House Bill 1242 is that it would actually endanger women's health by allowing late second trimester and third trimester health of the mother abortions to be done in outpatient settings rather than in a hospital. And we think that's dangerous."

Kelly Rosati.

But supporters of the bill say the abortion law needs updating.