20 Mar 2006

Kiribati chef de mission confident in young table tennis player at Games

4:34 pm on 20 March 2006

The chef de mission of the Kiribati Commonwealth Games team, Roto Onorio, is confident that their 13 year old table tennis competitor Noah Takoa will handle the pressure when he begins his competition on Tuesday.

Onorio says it was from a table tennis programme for youth in Kiribati that the gifted talents of Takoa emerged...

"They have programmes back home that involve young children and that's where they found him. He's been entering competitions and playing with the senior players and he's turned out to be a very good player."

Roto Onorio's comments follow their weightlifter's failure to complete his event, failing to lift the weights in the snatch and deciding not to continue because he felt overwhelmed by the sheer size of the crowd and media exposure.