20 Mar 2006

Government supporter elected Mayor of Tumaraa in French Polynesia

10:28 am on 20 March 2006

The new municipal council of Tumaraa in French Polynesia has

elected Justine Teura as new mayor, ousting Cyril Tetuanui of the

opposition Tahoeraa Huiraatira Party.

This comes after two rounds of voting to choose a new council which

now has a one-member majority in favour of the Union For Demcoracy.

Tumaraa on the island of Raiatea held an early election because

serious differences within the council had forced it to be


But the Tahoeraa has now issued a statement, alleging that the

Union For Democracy has orchestrated what it calls a putsch to

block Mr Tetuanui.

It alleges that the winners' chosen methods are akin those of a

banana republic.

It is not clear if the Tahoeraa will make a formal appeal to

challenge the outocome.

In 2004, the party successfully complained about irregularities in

the territorial election, prompting fresh elections for two thirds

of the assembly.