10 Mar 2006

Solomons politician accuses Taiwan of meddling in election

11:25 am on 10 March 2006

The leader of the Solomon Islands Labour Party has accused Taiwan of interfering in the upcoming elections by funding candidates.

Joses Tuhanuku says that Taiwan is acting like a local political party, sponsoring candidates and involving itself directly in the business of Solomon Islands politics.

He has also accused the caretaker prime minister Sir Allan Kemakeza and senior members of the community of colluding with Taiwan over a number of years in what he says is a corruption of the democratic process.

"'In the last four years every time there was a proposed vote of no confidence they would call people in and talk to them and so on. So they have been actively doing this one for some time. This particular general election we know that they are sponsoring candidates because the candidates themselves are boasting about it."