8 Mar 2006

Coalition MP in Vanuatu confirms he is moving to opposition

4:59 pm on 8 March 2006

A coalition MP in Vanuatu, Sela Molisa, has confirmed he's been offered the job of prime minister if he moves to the opposition and the government is toppled.

He has been upset that the government has adopted a controversial new kava exporting policy, with the Commodities Marketing board taking over the exporting of kava and copra.

Mr Molisa says he sees no change in the government policy so he will cross to the opposition.

But, he says, contrary to local media reports, he is not required to bring other Vanu'aku party MPs with him.

"At this stage, my being offered the PM ship will not be dependent on whether I bring some MPs. But, I'm hoping that MPs who are not happy with what the government is doing with the Vanuatu Commodities Marketing board, will agree that it's bad for the economy of Vanuatu and it's bad for our farmers, and that will help change the government, yes."

Sela Molisa.