1 Mar 2006

New report says PNG logging is unsustainable

4:15 pm on 1 March 2006

A new report on the commercial logging industry in Papua New Guinea says most of the logging is unsustainable and illegal.

The report is called "Logging, Legality, and Livelihoods in PNG" and was compiled by the US-based non-profit organisation, Forest Trend.

It summarizes five independent reviews of the timber industry conducted between 2000 and 2005.

PNG logging is dominated by Malaysian-based timber companies.

The president of Forest Trend, Michael Jenkins, says the government needs to better police the industry and crackdown on illegal activities.

"In a number of cases, there were human rights abuses that were cited. These were crimes commmitted in regards to working conditions and rape even...so that was a very strong concern that came out of these reports."

Michael Jenkins says the review was initiated by the PNG government.