28 Feb 2006

PNG police seek pay rise to fight corruption within force

4:28 pm on 28 February 2006

The Papua New Guinea Police association says it is appealing to the government to increase the salaries for police officers.

Police investigations have found 66 officers involved in corruption, and a senior officer has been arrested over allegations of accepting bribes from an Asian crime syndicate.

The president of the PNG police association, Robert Ali, says the lack of incentives for officers is likely to be a factor as to why some officers get involved in corrupt activities.

"We are appealing to the PNG government to look at the police salaries and probably give us a fair fair go on the salary. This is one way of setting the benchmark so that will help cut down on the accepting of bribes and you know using police premises for their personal agenda and that sort of thing."

Robert Ali says the association is also appealing for a review on how people are recruited into the force.