23 Feb 2006

Samoa Democratic United Party vows to scrap VAT if elected

8:11 am on 23 February 2006

The Samoa Democratic United Party has promised to remove Value Added Goods and Services Tax from certain food items if elected.

Party leader Le Mamea Ropati said the exempted food items would be the "essential or basic" ones.

He said these food items will be identified as elections draw near.

According to the Samoa Observer newspaper, the SDUP leader said flour, rice and other basic food items used to be charged a five per cent duty.

But the Human Rights Protection Party Government removed the duty and replaced it with the new value added tax.

Le Mamea said when that happened prices went up.

The value added tax currently stands at 12.5 per cent.

The SDUP believes the HRPP will raise the tax again if they are returned to power.