20 Feb 2006

A US Coast Guard ban on passenger ship upsets some residents on island of Manu'a

4:16 pm on 20 February 2006

The ban on the American Samoa ship the MV Manuatele has upset some residents on the island of Manu'a.

The US Coast Guard placed banned the ship from carrying passengers after safety deficiencies were discovered during an inspection, but has given the ship the green light to carry cargo.

Meanwhile, Tui Lefao of Olosega says he was one of seven people stopped from the boarding the vessle last week because of the ban.

He says he's a diabetic and needs to go the hospital on the main island Tutuila, because he's run out of pills and the dispensary at Ofu does not have any supplies.

Mr Lefao says he understands the Coast Guard's concern for the boat's safety however there should be an exemption in teh case of emergencies.