17 Feb 2006

Three Labour MPs in Fiji deny applying to join SDL

8:51 am on 17 February 2006

Three ethnic Indian members of parliament from the Fiji Labour Party have denied claims that they are planning to contest the coming general elections for the ruling SDL party.

The Daily Post says Labour MPs Kamlesh Arya, Vijay Singh and James Krishna have denied that they have applied for SDL tickets.

They say their names have become the subject of "gossip" in political circles in recent days.

Mr Arya says it is nothing but internal political propaganda to discredit him because nine other Labour members want to stand in his seat.

MP James Krishna says it is neither Labour nor SDL as he has had it and is retiring from politics.

Vijay Singh says he does not believe in SDL policies and it would be absurd to consider an SDL ticket.

The SDL campaign director, Jale Baba, has previously said three Labour MP's had applied to fight the election as SDL candidates.