9 Feb 2006

Samoan enthusiasm for joining the US military becomes a story on the mainland

2:20 pm on 9 February 2006

The willingness of Samoans to serve in the US Armed Forces is the focus of a news segment that will air in the US as early as this weekend on the NBC Nightly News.

A three man crew from NBC is currently in American Samoa to produce the feature.

NBC's Miami based correspondent Marc Potter says they've spoken with a wide range of people to understand why so many young people in the territory are willing to join the military even with a war going on.

He says they've heard from many, including military recruiters, teachers, principals, parents of soldiers killed, and a poet to get an understanding.

"This was a good story. I think it will be interesting to people in the mainland US to see how people in this territory are so eager to help the US military at a time of war."

NBC's Marc Potter.