31 Jan 2006

Documentary on Bougainville wins top prize in Tahiti film festival

8:46 pm on 31 January 2006

A documentary on the Bougainville conflict, made five years ago by Australia based journalist, Liz Thompson, has won top honours at the International Oceania Documentary Film Festival in French Polynesia.

The film is called Breaking Bows and Arrows, a reference to an historic symbol for healing rifts and ending conflict.

Liz Thompson says she is delighted with the Tahiti award, which comes after a 2002 United Nations Media Peace Prize and another award for conflict resolution.

"I was told at one stage that it was viewed by the Ministers in the Solomon Islands Government as a way of looking towards using traditional customs and so forth to model reconciliation ceremonies on. you know obviously as a director, a film maker, it is great to see your film having a life."