23 Jan 2006

Fiji calls for integrity of election registration process

2:13 pm on 23 January 2006

The leader of Fiji's United People's Party, Mick Beddoes, is calling on the government to ensure that the electoral process maintains its integrity.

Mr Beddoes says the registration process for minority voters has been manipulated, with some people being encouraged to register on the indigenous Fijian roll instead of the general one.

He says he also questions the integrity of some staff employed by the electoral office.

Mr Beddoes says he wants independent observers from either New Zealand or Australia to make the necessary checks.

"Just to make sure that when we go into the election, it is a proper firm and fair election, and there are no question marks. We have a bit of a credibility problem because the government of the day has not been impartial in the matters pertaining to the events of 2000. To me, it is in the government's interest that they should be encouraging this."

Fiji's United People's Party leader, Mick Beddoes.