20 Jan 2006

Tonga agrees to review public service appointments

9:28 am on 20 January 2006

The Public Service Association in Tonga says the government has agreed to review its appointment process after the PSA threatened strike action.

The PSA says teachers who took part in last years public servants' strike have been overlooked for promotion and some have been transferred to the outer islands.

The PSA said around 4-hundred teachers would strike next week if their concerns weren't looked at.

They also threatened legal action as they said the discrimination was against the memorandum of understanding which ended last year's strike.

However the PSA executive member Fotu Fisi'ahi says at an emergency meeting the director of education agreed to look at the members' greivances.

"The unfair promotions, unfair transfers and people superceding and bypassing others and those were the issues discussed. Confirmation will be sent to us."