19 Jan 2006

Vanuatu opens embassy in China

2:23 pm on 19 January 2006

Vanuatu has opened an embassy in China.

The Daily Post reports that the foreign minister and deputy prime minister, Sato Kilman, is leading a 12-member delegation to Beijing this week for the official opening.

Vanuatu's naturalized citizen Lo Chi Wai has been appointed the new ambassador to China after presenting his credentials to China's President, Hu Jintao, last August.

The opening of the new embassy has been hailed as a milestone for Vanuatu after 24 years of diplomatic ties.

Mr Kilman says the opening of the embassy will help his government's policy of empowering the rural population of Vanuatu through infrastructure and capacity building initiatives.

China has recently expanded its support for Vanuatu in various fields, especially agriculture, fisheries, infrastructure and other sectors.