16 Jan 2006

Solomons' Ulufa'alu presents election platform ahead of March poll

3:34 pm on 16 January 2006

A former Solomon Islands prime minister has promised to work hard to ensure national unity if his Liberal party wins the national parliamentary election in March.

Bartholomew Ulafa'alu said this while presenting the party's election platform and plans in a broadcast on Solomon Islands radio.

He says the country's future prosperity depends on national unity, adding that unity must be based on people's differences.

Mr Ulafa'alu, who was forced to step down in a coup in 2000, said Solomon Islanders have realised they belong to one country, and can use those differences to prosper.

He says if there is a united Solomon Islands, people will have respect for one another.

The Liberal party is the first of the political parties in Solomon Islands to use the radio to promote its policies and plans.

The election is expected to be held in March but no date has been set.