9 Jan 2006

Fourth party to contest Samoa elections

2:34 pm on 9 January 2006

A fourth political party is to contest Samoa's March general elections.

Former Cabinet minister Toalepaialii Toeolesulusulu Si'ueva says he will relaunch the Samoa Progressive Political Party (SPPP).

Toalepaialii says candidates and the manifesto of their party will be unveiled at a launch on March 17th.

The party has not yet been registered but Toalepaialii, who will head the party, says it's not a hassle as all that's needed is the signatures of 100 voters.

Toalepaialii has told the Samoa Observer newspaper that a government should give priority to people's needs - education and mental and physical development.

He said roads have been the priority of the ruling Human Rights Protection Party.

He said while access roads are upgraded export figures have declined throwing into doubt the benefits of road development.