6 Jan 2006

Niue Premier says new hospital nearing completion

10:19 am on 6 January 2006

The Premier of Niue, Young Vivian says workers are putting the finishing touches to the country's new hospital, which he says will be ready for an official opening shortly.

The old hospital was demolished along with 90 per cent of the island's infrastructure when tropical Cyclone Heta hit the island on New Years Eve 2004 killing two people.

New Zealand then gave Niue at least US$14 million as part of a revised aid package, to include a new hospital.

Mr Vivian says everyone is looking foward to the opening.

"The Director is here, and the staff is ready to move in, and I think things will be in place before the end the month in February."

Mr Vivian says equipment for the hospital has started arriving.

It will give them confidence that we are in control and that things will get better, and people are now coming from New Zealand and that the place is moving at a reasonable pace, and many of them are wanting to come back and build houses here.