20 Dec 2005

Bougainville authorities will use all resources available if Fijians haven't gone in a week

6:02 pm on 20 December 2005

The vice-president of Bougainville says police will be sent to remove six former Fiji soldiers from a remote part of Bougainville Island if they have not left the province by December 28th.

The six have been in the no-go zone, controlled by the Me'ekamui rebel group, and are believed to be teaching military skills to people associated with money scam operator Noah Musingku.

The Fijians Papua New Guinea visas expire on Wednesday next week and if they refuse to leave Vice President Joseph Watawai says officials will be ready to force them out.

"We'll have to get the police and use whatever options that we can use to ensure that these people must understand that they have breached our laws of this country and they must go."

Joseph Watawai says Bougainvilleans in the area also want the Fijians to leave because they are angry with Noah Musingku who reportedly owes them money.