19 Dec 2005

Marshall Islands Olympic bid is moved to 2006 but Tuvalu waits til 2007

7:08 am on 19 December 2005

The Marshall Islands bid to become an Olympic member is to be moved up by one year, which has brought huge relief to their committee members

The Marshalls bid along with Tuvalu was to have been considered in 2007 just ahead of the Beijing Olympics.

But following a visit from the President of the Oceania Olympic Committee, Kevan Gosper, the Marshalls bid will now be considered at the Winter Olympics in Turin Italy in February.

The Marshall Islands Olympic President, Kenneth Kramer, says it's a huge relief, considering they've been working on their bid for around 15 years.

Meanwhile, Tuvalu's secretary general for the Sports Committee, Robert Laupula, says he's not disappointed they have to wait until 2007 for their Olympic bid to be considered...

He says all the important work is done it's now a matter of waiting.

Laupula says all the paperwork has been completed, and the consitution is already with the Olympic committee waiting for approval.