8 Dec 2005

Air Fiji to fly Tonga’s domestic service - report

5:49 pm on 8 December 2005

The Civil Aviation Director in Tonga says Air Fiji is to operate Tonga's domestic air routes, in addition to Peau Vava'u Airways.

Viliami Ma'ake said that they could wait no longer for Peau Vava'u to start services to 'Eua, and to Niuatoputapu and Niuafo'ou which they had agreed to run when they were awarded the tender last year.

Mr Ma'ake says both airlines will now operate within Tonga until 2006 when the one-airline policy will be reviewed.

He says people who have been cut off from air services over the previous year will be relieved.

"Very difficult, in these islands it's quite isolated, remote and they depend alot on regular air services for travelling as well as supplies from the main island. It's good news for them, it's probably the best Christmas present we can give them."

The Civil Aviation Director in Tonga,Viliami Ma'ake.