8 Dec 2005

Internet banking step closer in PNG

9:21 am on 8 December 2005

Westpac Bank (PNG) Limited has moved a step ahead by introducing the first internet payment gateway in Papua New Guinea.

The Post Courier newspaper reports that the bank has made e-commerce, selling or buying through the internet, using a kina based payment system a reality.

Managing director Ross Hammond says that up to now, e-commerce or selling through websites had not been possible in the country using a kina based payment system because no bank bothered to invest in a payment gateway.

Mr Hammond says that has now changed.

He says PNG businesses will be able to include the option of kina payments on the website using the safety of a Westpac payment gateway.

The bank has also launched a new Visa Debit Card that will allow customers to draw on their kina cheque or savings accounts at electronic fund transfer at point of sale (EFTPOS) and automatic teller machines (ATM) in PNG or overseas.

Meanwhile, Westpac Bank recorded 27,000 internet banking transactions and inquiries each month this year.