2 Dec 2005

Document theft convict in Cooks government escapes jail

3:32 pm on 2 December 2005

A government employee convicted of taking documents in the Cook Islands has been told he'll be sentenced if he appears in court on other charges within six months.

The Cook Islands News reports Patrick Tangapiri has been fined 3-hundred and 50 US dollars to cover the costs of prosecuting him.

Tangapiri pleaded guilty to three charges of taking or dealing with certain documents with the intent to defraud, on behalf of the former Cabinet minister, Peri Vaevae Pare.

Pare will be sentenced if he reappears in court on other charges within a period of a year.

The Crown prosecutor Tingika Elikana argued that the recommendation by Tangapiri's probation for community service was harsh, taking into consideration the decision made by the court on Pare.