8 Nov 2005

Fiji Chinese express concern about illegal migrants from China

3:09 pm on 8 November 2005

Fiji's long established Chinese community has expressed serious concern about the large number of new arrivals from China who are in Fiji illegally.

Radio Legend reports that concern has been voiced by the president of the Chinese Business Association of Fiji, Senator Kenneth Low.

Mr Low says the long established Chinese in Fiji are totally frustrated and also disappointed with the large number of new Chinese who have arrived illegally.

He says many of the illegal immigrants are involved in criminal activities and urgent action needs to be taken now.

Mr Low says they have tarnished the image of the long-established, law-abiding Chinese and the reputation they have built up over a hundred years.

He says the authorities need to take meaningful and decisive action to eliminate these illegal Asian immigrants and should begin checking their work permits, business licences and other immigration documents.

Newly arrived illegal Chinese were involved in setting up the 600-million US dollar methamphetamine factory in Suva, the execution style killing of four people in a Lami fish factory, and running prostitution, people smuggling and money laundering rackets.