21 Oct 2005

Samoa child death linked to doctors' strike

3:51 pm on 21 October 2005

There is concern in Samoa that the death of child may be linked to the month-long doctors' strike.

A couple is claiming that their 13-month-old son died after a doctor refused to see him at the national hospital in Motootua.

The couple, Viliamu and Sapi Tufaga, have told the Samoa Observer that their twin son Aleni developed a high fever.

They say they only doctor on duty refused to see their son, saying that it was after 8 pm.

The government had earlier approved the outpatient unit at the hospital to be closed at 8 each night because of the doctors' strike.

After being refused the couple took their son home with the intention of taking him to see a private doctor the next morning but the boy died the next morning.