13 Oct 2005

PNG bureaucrat accuses political leadership of corruption

4:59 pm on 13 October 2005

The Papua New Guinea political leadership is facing accusations of corruption from within the ranks of government.

A source in the bureaucracy says there's a lot of corruption when it comes to ministries seeking funds.

The official says there have been problems in budgeting decisions because Malaysian companies give backing to politicians.

The source says donors are often reluctant to give money because of inefficiencies and bribes.

Government consultants from Britain and Australian officials under the so-called Enhanced Co-operation Programme are said to be giving conflicting advice to PNG civil servants.

Papua New Guinea's Public Service Minister, Sinai Brown, recently said too much focus was put on politicians when it came to corruption investigations.

Mr Brown pointed the finger at senior civil servants, saying they had defrauded the state of 10 million US dollars' worth of tax.