12 Oct 2005

UN Population Fund has input into Pacific Plan

7:29 pm on 12 October 2005

The Pacific representative for the United Nations Population Fund, Najib Assifi, says he's pleased that his organisation had some input into the Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat's draft Pacific Plan.

The Plan is a document which looks to strengthen regional cooperation and integration, and willl be presented to the Pacific leaders at the summit in Papua New Guinea later this month.

Mr Assifi says because several of their goals and objectives were in line with some of the Plan's goals, they were asked to make a contribution.

"That we did, in a large meeting and all the agencies provided valuable contributions and comments, and we consolidated those comments and shared it with the Secretariat, so part of those concerns we had, has been addressed in the revised version of the Plan which will be discussed at the Leaders' Forum this month."

Najib Assifi is currently in New Zealand where he will launch a report on Gender Equality, Equity, Reproductive Health, and the Millennium Development Goals at Parliament.