11 Oct 2005

Cook Islands plays down possible flow-on tourism effects from Indonesia bombing

11:31 am on 11 October 2005

The chief executive of the Tourism Corporation in the Cook Islands, Chris Wong, says the recent bombings in Bali are not likely to lead to more visitors to the Cook Islands.

But Mr Wong told the Cook Islands News that he thought it was fair to say that prospective travellers would be looking for 'safer' destinations for holidays.

Mr Wong says any expectation of a major influx of visitors to the Cooks from New Zealand and Australia needs to be tempered with the fact that they are now heading into their summer season.

Mr Wong was attending a board meeting of the Pacific Asia Travel Association in Kuala Lumpur when news of the tragic bombings reached them.

The association has sent a delegate to Bali to assess the full impact of the event and coordinate the tourism industry's response.