10 Oct 2005

Concern in Samoa over delay in resolving doctors' strike

4:54 pm on 10 October 2005

The head of clinical services at Samoa's public hospital in Apia says the prolonged delay in settling the doctors' strike is causing some concern.

Dr Stanley Dean has had to work every day since the doctors walked off the job more than four weeks ago.

And, it's now unlikely that the strike will be resolved before the end of the month as the commission of inquiry into the grievances has been extended and its findings will be presented to the cabinet on the 21st of October.

Dr Dean says he and the ten remaining doctors at the hospital who are on contract, are stretched.

"Well, we'll all work long hours now. We orientate ourselves so that one of us can help out with surgical, on call, or be there. So, I'm allocating them to make sure everybody, every third day will have a rest in the evening here. Very long hours for the current ten doctors."

Dr Stanley Dean.