29 Sep 2005

UPNG Chancellor stands by v-c over reports of travel inconsistencies

8:10 pm on 29 September 2005

The Chancellor at the University of Papua New Guinea, Andrew Yauieb, has clarified that the vice-chancellor's recent trip to Suva was budgeted for and approved by the UPNG council.

The National reports that Professor Les Eastcott's trip to Suva to attend a University of the South Pacific meeting was paid for by UPNG despite the vice-chanellor's claim, upon returning, that the USP funded the trip.

Before the trip, the vice-chancellor stood aside from his position to allow an investigating committee to make enquiries and gather evidence into the recent unrest at UPNG.

Mr Yauieb says there is nothing untoward about the timing of the trip.

"The council approved the travel budget for 2005 and that's all been budgeted for. And I really don't understand the people who are writing on this thing. I often wonder whether the reporters who continue to publish this thing have been indiced and seduced to do that."

Mr Yauieb says Professor Eastcott is expected to take up his full role again when the investigation report is finished