27 Sep 2005

RAMSI called on to rein in former militants on Guadalcanal's Weather Coast

8:14 pm on 27 September 2005

The Regional Assistance Mission to Solomon Islands is under fire for not doing more to contain violence on the Weathercoast of Guadalcanal.

Members of the RAMSI police unit, the participating police force, are stationed at Mbambanakira near Marasa village, where former militants are said to be causing trouble.

Our correspondent in Honiara Dorothy Wickham has more.

"A resident of Marasa village on the Weathercoast, George Mazini, has criticised RAMSI for not arresting some former militants in the area. He said these men and boys were involved in terrible crimes and so must face the law. He said only a few weeks ago a man from Marasa was badly beaten up during a football match. He said if nothing is done, there will eventually be bloodshed if retaliation takes place. Marasa village was burnt to the ground and some of its people were killed by supporters of the jailed notorious Guadalcanal militant leader Harold Keke."