27 Sep 2005

Call to avoid dissent among Wallisians in New Caledonia

1:13 pm on 27 September 2005

An umbrella organisation in New Caledonia has warned backers of the king of Wallis not to destabilise the Wallisian community in the Noumea area.

The group, known as M-U-R, has issued a statement after a dispute between rival clans on Wallis ended with the king's backers getting a commitment from France that the 86-year-old Lavelua Tomasi Kulimoetoke would be recognised as the only king.

His supporters paralysed much of the island for days to prevent the installation of another king in Wallis which had been planned for last Sunday.

The group M-U-R says it wants to highlight that the territory of Wallis and Futuna has three kings and warns the Lavelua supporters against making false representations on the matter.

It also says in contrast to the Lavelua, it is grateful for France's assistance.