26 Sep 2005

Education officials anxious to find out if alleged leakage of exam papers is true

7:28 pm on 26 September 2005

The acting Solomon Islands Secretary for Education says the ministry is investigating claims that exam papers have been leaked.

Tim Ngele says it has been alleged that exam papers for Forms 3 and 5 have been sold to some students prior to the exams.

He says the ministry has already had discussions with the printer, Solomon Star, which signed a confidentiality agreement.

Mr Ngele says the local broadcaster, the SIBC, reported the story of the alleged leaks but the ministry has not seen any copeis of the papers.

"We're very concerned about the leakage without consulting us, y'know whether this is true, the SIBC. It would be better for them to have consulted us that they got this information from so-and- so, so we can trace it quickly. We are very anxious to know the outcome of this allegation."

Tim Ngele says there were also claims that exam papers were leaked last year.