26 Sep 2005

Leptospirosis spread not an outbreak says doctor

6:46 am on 26 September 2005

America Samoa's epidemiologist , Dr Jay Roth, says the spread of leptospirosis in the country cannot be clasified as an outbreak.

Four people have died from the illness and another 9 accute cases were identified by health authorities following a survey last year.

Dr Roth, says while there is ongoing tranmission of leptospirosis in the country, the disease has been prevalent in other pacific island countries as well.


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I think that it is important to point out that this is something which is seen through out the world, I mean its not something which is isolated in this particular area, and certainly in a warm tropical climate we would expect to see occassional cases. Given the result the survery and how wide spread it is here, i know it is something to look into, but i know that we have cases on neighbouring pacific islands aswell

The epidemiologist for America Samoa, Dr Jay Roth, says educating the public to identify the symptoms of leptospirosis is the first priority.