16 Sep 2005

Viceroy swears in two new Cabinet ministers in the Cook Islands

10:17 am on 16 September 2005

New Cook Islands cabinet ministers Tangata Vavia and Ngamau Munokoa have been sworn into cabinet by the Queen's representative Sir Frederick Goodwin.

The Cook Islands News reports that Mr Vavia is already planning on issues he wants sorted out if prime minister Jim Marurai appoints him to the office of the minister for outer island administration.

The two new ministers replaced Tom Marsters and Tupou Faireka of the Cook Islands Party who were sacked early this week.

Mr Vavia says he wants to pay extra attention to the ongoing conflict of power and authority by the two offices - island secretary and the island mayor.

He says he's been away from cabinet for a while and that break has given him some time to come up with new ideas and now that he is in cabinet he hopes to utilise some of those ideas.

Meanwhile, Mrs Munokoa is likely to take up the justice, agriculture and parliamentary portfolios.

Meanwhile, the wife of Cook Islands Prime Minister Jim Marurai has passed away.

Tuainakore Marurai died in New Zealand yesterday after a long illness.