12 Sep 2005

Roll numbers returning towards normal at Tonga High School

1:11 pm on 12 September 2005

A Tongan school whose roll was considerably depleted last week following the public servant strike says things are returning to normal.

On the first full day back at Tonga High School last week, only 722 students out of a roll of 1154 returned.

However, the school's deputy Principal, Teresa Pahulu, says attendance passed 900 by the next day and is expected to grow this week.

She says there are a number of students who had enrolled in other schools before the strike and subsequently went to these schools during the strike.

"Breaking of school compounds at one of our government schools, that was one of the reasons why we had a great decrease again in the number of students because of fear - the parents fear for the safety of their kids, and that's why we had a bit of decrease during the strike. But the recovery rate is very quick."

Teresa Pahulu says students who went to other schools during the strike are expected to stay there for the remainder of the school year.