12 Sep 2005

Tongans arrested in Fiji in connection with alleged drugs ring

7:24 am on 12 September 2005

Police from the Fiji-based Trans-national Crime Unit have arrested three Tongan nationals believed to be part of a drug trafficking ring between the two countries.

One of the three has been released because of insufficient evidence while another was found to be an overstayer and was put in immigration detention pending deportation.

The third, whose movements were monitored since his arrival in Fiji on September the 3rd, is in police custody.

He was arrested when he mailed a parcel from the Suva Post Office which was intercepted and found to contain leaves believed to be marijuana.

The police public relations officer, Sylvia Low, says the Trans-national Crime Unit started monitoring travellers to and from Tonga when it received intelligence that a suspected drug trafficking ring was in operation between the two countries.