5 Sep 2005

Fiji Employers Federation calls for more regular meetings with government

3:47 pm on 5 September 2005

The long term plan for the Fiji Employers Federation is to be reviewed under its new president, Sangeeta Niranjan.

She says the vision and mission of the organisation needs to be updated and there is much to do to make it relevant to respond to the issues of today.

Ms Niranjan says they will also be pushing for more regular and open dialogue with the government in addition to the regular three monthly meetings.

And, she says the Federation must be in a position to meet the external and internal pressures it faces.

"The fuel prices are rising. That might trigger, I'm not saying it will, but it might just trigger off a higher rate of inflation in the country. Of course, next year we go to the elections and we need to see that we're dealing with the issues. The unions - there are many issues that we need to sit down and sort out."

Sangeeta Niranjan, the president of the Fiji Employers Federation.