1 Sep 2005

Tonga strike leader says the Government's latest moves show they know they have lost public support

8:08 pm on 1 September 2005

The chair of the interim Public Servants committee in Tonga says the governent has finally realised they do not have the support of the people.

The Government agreed to pay workers, who have been on strike for six weeks, wage increases of up to 80 percent while talks are held.

However the committee has rejected the offer saying that won't return to work unless other demands are met as well.

But the strikers have agreed to re-open negotiations with the government.

PSA chair, Finau Tutone, says it is not a coincidence that the government offer comes as village meetings are held to garner support for a march next week calling for democratic change.

"They feel the pressure from all sectors of society. The business people, the public of a whole, from overseas, international unions. I think those pressures are too much for them."

Finau Tutone.