26 Aug 2005

Solomon Islands suspends wildlife exports

1:17 pm on 26 August 2005

Solomon Islands Minister for Forestry, Environment and Conservation says the suspension of all wildlife exports is temporary.

David Holosivi says this is due to the absence of any formal standards and regulations regarding wildlife exports.

He says it will take some time to work out regulations that comply with the Wildlife Protection and Management Act of 1998, which came into effect in September 2003.

Mr Holosivi says what is meant by the term 'wildlife', which currently includes birds, insects and coral and some species of fish, also needs clarifying.

"And also we want the government to have some control especially on the pricing of all these animals. We want to know the actual price so the government can determine the actual level put on those exports."

David Holosivi says wildlife exports are suspended until regulations are put into place.