23 Aug 2005

Transparency condemns corruption in Fiji

3:34 pm on 23 August 2005

The anti-corruption organisation, Transparency International, has condemned the corruption and financial abuse in the government revealed in the auditor general's 2004 report.

Transparency has blamed the corruption and mismanagement on lack of respect for the rule of law, violations of the Public Service Code and the need to properly constitute parliament's Public Accounts Committee.

The Daily Post quotes Transparency's Apenisa Naigulevu as saying the abuses are blatant violations of common courtesy Fiji taxpayers deserve and should have been reported by ministry chief executives to police for prosecution.

But the minister for public works, Col Savenaca Draunidalo, says the auditor general has failed to seek clarifications on issues raised in his report, which paints a bad picture of the current administration.

Col Draunidalo has told Radio Legend that the auditor general himself should be investigated because he writes whatever he likes.

His comments follow revelations that a 3-point-2 million US dollar contract given to an indigenous provincial company under the government's affirmative action programme was transferred to a non-indigenous company which was a failed bidder for the tender.