15 Aug 2005

Cooks minister proposes Sir Geoffrey's replacement as CIP leader

4:09 pm on 15 August 2005

The Cook Islands Justice Minister Tupou Faireka says politicians need to learn to question their leaders more.

Mr Faireka made the comment while calling for Sir Geoffrey Henry to step down as leader of the Cook Islands Party.

Last week, Sir Geoffrey was sacked as deputy prime minister.

Mr Faireka says it could be time for Sir Geoffrey to be replaced because he has been involved in too many party failures.

The minister says the CIP has not held its leader accountable.

"The respect for their elders, that's been conditioned through the traditional customs. Most of the time you don't' query your leader, you don't talk back, you just respect what you're told. I think that sort of ideology has been within our system and I think it's time that we started looking at it again."

Tupou Faireka says there are a number of people who could lead the party including himself and cabinet colleague, Tom Marsters.