5 Aug 2005

Samoa Prime minister rejects opposition demand for an apology

10:16 am on 5 August 2005

Samoa's Prime Minister, Tuilaepa Sailele, says he will not issue an apology called for by the leader of the Opposition Le Mamea Ropati.

Le Mamea had called on the PM to apologize for allegations he made on television that the opposition MP's had divided nearly $37,000 from a fundraising campaign in New Zealand among themselves.

The prime minister told the Samoa Broadcasting Corporation he did not see a need to apologize.

He also said that the SDUP's request for premises to set up an office for the party has been denied.

Tuilaepa said that this was not the function or duty of the government and the party should acquire its own premises.

Le Mamea said they sought governemnt assistance since the HRPP government was giving vehicles, offices and high salaries to under secretaries and opposition MP's do not enjoy any of those privileges.